VHCC Redevelopment

Victoria Highland Civic Centre
Is Now Open for the 2022-2023 Season!

As we move forward with the planning of the new facility, we have had the existing building reassessed by the engineers and they have confirmed the areas of concern as still operationally safe for the upcoming season. We will be vigilant monitoring snow loads on the roof and any other areas of concern. We look forward to another season at VHCC!

For rentals call 902-295-2292 or email baddeckvhcc@gmail.com  Manager, Violet Mac Kay

The Victoria Highland Civic Centre (VHCC) is a not-for-profit community organization founded in 1974. Through strong community support the VHCC board has fluidly managed operational costs and capital improvements for the past 48-years. The ice-plant operates from October thru March and is home to the Baddeck and Area Minor Hockey Association (BAMHA).

In the off-season VHCC hosts the Cabot Trail Relay banquet, dances, fundraisers, summer youth programs, conventions and markets.

In 2021 a condition assessment disclosed end-of-life status for the 48-year VHCC facility. Following community engagement sessions sponsored by the Cape Breton Partnership the VHCC Board determined the prudent path forward was to pursue the construction of a new facility. This will be accomplished through partnerships with residents, community groups, and government.

The VHCC Steering Committee has been actively developing a sustainable and manageable plan for the construction, operation, and maintenance of a new Victoria Highland Civic Centre.



BADDECK, NS June 1, 2022“ The Municipality of Victoria County unanimously voted to support the redevelopment of the Victoria Highland Civic Centre with a $1 million capital contribution conditional on financial support from Provincial and Federal governments.

The VHCC Steering Committee has been working tirelessly to develop a sustainable and manageable plan for the construction, operation, and maintenance of a new Victoria Highland Civic Centre. The unanimous vote by the Municipality of Victoria County sends a strong message that they are committed to the project, and they support the social and physical environments where their residents live, learn, work, and play. The VHCC is not just an ice rink, it is a community gathering place that promotes physical activity, team building, volunteerism, and leadership within our communities,” John Trickett, Chair VHCC Steering Committee.

With Municipal support the VHCC Steering Committee seeks to engage Provincial and Federal governments to ensure the redevelopment project becomes a reality. Construction of the new facility at 26 Campbell Street in Baddeck is tentatively scheduled to begin in March 2023 pending commitment from Provincial and Federal governments. The accessible facility will provide excellence in year-round recreational, health and cultural experiences for residents and visitors of Victoria County. The expanded footprint will include a community walking track, fitness area, ice surface, dressing rooms, spectator seating, warm room, canteen services, and rentable space for tenants.

The VHCC facility will inspire the next generation of youth, encourage participation, and promote intergenerational activity for decades!

For questions about the VHCC Redevelopment project email vhccredevelopment@gmail.com.


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